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So, um, yeah, I mean, with how good the Panthers pass rushes and the line of defense seems. I assume if if you had a nook like Bradbury, you you gotta surprise how that protection appears. He is proving to be a fantastic value pick for the Giants. Andi I count on him and held to be a big a part of that defensive line.

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The Titans are sort of like this. Jekyll and Hyde sort of appear to be the Patriots, however there I think they’re simply usually extra constant. I would say like you do not actually know what you will get from Italians. Every week is what I’m attempting to say, Hey blew out the Lions.

I’m sure he’s probably in all probability fairly upset himself for that. But look, that is his a hundred catch of the season. It’s okay if he has a down game each every so often as a result of every different sport is gonna be amazing from him. Uh, Kendal Vickers, Um, defensive finish hey. Made the group kind of in a having a virtually like a underdog trend. Uh, this practice camp, um, he was up in Canada final year playing soccer. You two tackles he’s playing.

He’s had an excellent season by way of it all. Yeah, the Titans have an unimaginable offense and a really unhealthy protection, and it’s it is their type of expected toe, have the alternative. He’s been type of the playmaker as a cross rusher, Um, clearly slay a cornerback, but he was the playmaker for that defense before in Landry, another three deal with performance. They need all the assistance they will get on that protection because they have some issues on. Landry is a pleasant, versatile participant that you know, can can make the traditional linebacker position look good and get after the passer. Eso Yeah, I think the Titans, they’re gonna be an fascinating team within the playoffs. They could also lose to anybody that’s gonna be in the playoffs.


Ogunjobi had three tackles and half sack for the Browns of their 22 6 win over the Giants. Kind of boring game, but enough performances from our gamers? I’d say I would have to agree. As a Panthers fan, I actually have tow Wonder how good the Panthers might be with James Bradberry in the event that they paid him because he is been nice. Um, the thing about being a nook for the Panthers and it has been less bad this yr.

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He would still get a ton of, uh, shots of the ball. Eso I don’t want I don’t wanna, you understand, dump on Keenan or something, but he had just one catch for 17 yards, however he sort of advised everybody, toe, do not sit him right. He told all this fancy homeowners, and I’ve seen him before the game. So it’s just kind of sort of, sadly, find yourself with one catch for 17 yards.

Now he’s still getting a lot of touches, and he’s doing great things with those touches. I imply, five for forty three is a great common six. I suppose eso he’s nonetheless going to maintain doing that.

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There’s extra, ended up having a pretty good recreation and was in a position to take advantage. But story of this sport was the Panthers line of defense. The Panthers sacked Aaron Rodgers 5 occasions. Uh, eso Let’s see the opposite groups to sack the sack Rodgers a number of times. The Eagles sacked him twice within the Buccaneer, sacked and four occasions each different sport. Rogers has either been sacked once or not at all, eh? So that is an enormous step forward for the Panthers defense.

  • Uh, in fact, I suppose that appeared simply in general.
  • Smith was serviceable for them.
  • Uh, Haskins, just isn’t it Just not a fantastic quarterback.

And Donald, I’ve said that earlier than I go Donald than Cox for, uh, kind of the interior defensive lineman and Hargrave you. Yeah, I suppose I assume that’s I imply, everybody knows Donald’s one of the best defense assault on the league, but I’d go cox second. Um, yeah, and this was an enormous recreation for each groups.

Yeah, he obtained going in rubbish time kind of and made that recreation attention-grabbing. But, I mean, the chiefs have been just about dominating till that, Um, that first half was fairly rough for breeze. Um, that is an fascinating game, though, because, um, it is nonetheless Dalvin Cook Adam Feeling and Justin Jefferson. They do have the weapons in Minnesota toe Thio. You cannot actually stop all three all sport, But sometimes Kirk cousins enables you to stop all three.

The Cardinals jockeying for playoff position, the Eagles making an attempt toe to maintain their hopes alive for first place in that NFC East that’s nonetheless very entertaining regardless of not being superb. And, yeah, the Kyler Murray Jalen Hurts show was plenty of enjoyable to observe. Um, yeah, we’ll talk about those guys extra when we get to our picks, I assume. But this was a extremely enjoyable game to look at. It was it was the primary time all season as an Eagles fan. They’ve had back to again video games that have been really entertaining, truly, three straight type of Packers recreation and there is a sure factor that correlates with that. I suppose, uh, subsequent up we now have the Bangles, they embarrass the Steelers on Monday night.

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And I suppose it’s, uh I assume it is attention-grabbing that Bradbury won the fan vote because, Kelsey, it’s such a beloved determine. Uh, each I imply, even individuals who don’t like the Eagles kinda have, ah, respect for him. I suppose with the league votes, it is sort of like Let’s give it to the veteran on Let Chelsea get that honor. And, yeah, I assume it’s give it to the veteran and let the younger guy have his day another year as a result of Bradbury is going to be around for some time as a result of he’s a very, actually good heart. Is he a better player than Kelsey right now? But I’m not surprised to see the veteran get the nod. Especially such a properly revered and, uh, appreciated man like Jason Kelsey.

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I think they’re constructing one thing actually special on that defensive position. Peter Grosz Mottos has not even actually began to develop in factor. And but, on the opposite facet of Burns, I assume he’ll be a factor transferring forward. A lot of reason for optimism with the Panthers. Interesting timing, firing Marty Hurney because he is sort of constructed this protection. But I perceive the move whenever you look at, you realize what he does with contracts and in style.

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If you live in our little part of the state, how do you call that our TV market? If you live within the East essential part of the state, the rally space in South just about watch this sport on Fox. The’s word gonna be two playoff themes, however the Vikings misplaced final week’s The Bears. I do not suppose that Vikings favors. You wish to change this week? Um, I assume Breeze must be slightly bit higher this week. There’s just no means he can really look any worse than what he did on day.

He’s getting extra manufacturing than the Raiders. Cleveland Farrell from Clemson. This man that went to Tennessee spent a year in Canada is now again down right here.

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That was taekwondo only tackled the sport, nevertheless it’s good to see them get involved in a stack together. Then we have Keyon Crossing from the Texans. See use credit for six tackles on Carlos walking from Chase that two tackles and the Texans dropping effort. Um, what do you think of our guys efficiency Sunday? Had a 23 yard carry, I think that went from the 30 to the seven and arrange a landing from Philip Rivers to Pascal.

I imply, actually, prefer it’s you’ll be able to’t really lose these guys because they both have been playing pretty well. Uh, Bradley opinion punted five occasions for an average of forty one.eight yards. Um, he is a protracted of fifty two however three of the 5 punch lay inside the 20 yard line. Obviously, Um, that was probably integral in, uh, nylon the Falcons to stand up to too much believe that they were going to squander eso. Yeah, good reforms from opinion caught up, Made all of this kicks again 44 on the ph part attempts.

I do not see why he can’t factor into that offense more. Steelers Dad was Eric Ebron from Bel Smith High School. He left the game kind of early with a again injury. So hopefully that’s not, I assume critical back injuries may be really tough, however yeah, I mean, it is unhappy.

So 19 establishing a touchdown there along with his running capability, you talked about that he’s type of sharing the the one B roll. I wouldn’t call him a backup. One A. At this plan, he’s doing a extremely good job with that on Ben.

But we’ll still talk about them. He did a great job against the Eagles. Right defensive ends, combination of Josh sweating Derek Barnett. Sweat left the game with an injury, however Humphrey nonetheless still really held up properly in opposition to the Barnett.

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